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  1. Hi. I´m building my ASS now! 😀 but i see in your video that you use 6 push-buttons but in schematics only shows 5.. can you help me with that?


  2. Ahh, well, that’s a graphical typo 🙂
    the input’s for the buttons are in the code 🙂

  3. SO, the pushbuttons are connected to Analog inputs 0 to 5 right? And the red marks are connected to each other?

    and what encoder use?


  4. Hi.. I´m having some problems here.. I connect the display but nothing lights up… Can you give me a more detailed schematic about the connections?

    The power for display comes from arduino 5V?

    well, hope you can help me.. i buy the parts and don´t wanna them in the box.. 🙂


  5. Yes, I take the power from the arduino, but have you bought the exact same display as the one I use?

  6. yep, the sparkfun one.. I have to replace the Baclight led in the display. Cause i don´t wanna to ship it back to the states.. I´m from Portugal. Now it powers up but only shows one line, the first one.Shows” E4 On 4th 120 ”
    The tutorial on arduino.cc about the connections its not same as yours. I folowed yours.
    On the buttons seems like only the first one works. The anolag in 0. The other don´t work. 🙁

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