lasers, again, and more

I’ve made some improvements to my cut holes with a laser sketch. Now it outputs .svg files that are correctly formatted for

Last night after perfecting the script (witch I will soon publish) I sent another order to be processed.

This time it’s Lobo one of my favorite comicbook anti-heroes.

Here’s the resulting image:

And here is the SVG: output.svg

My next big project, building a CNC machine

Yeah, I know it’s stupid and will probably take loads and loads of time, but I want to.

I want one that can drill holes and mill stuff. So i don’t really need that much z-axis.

large x and y would be nice.
I’ve got a bunch of stepper motors already, so that is not a big expense. (none)

I need some way to control them, so I was thinking of the EasyDriver, using 3 of them connected to one Arduino, I think I’ll be set.

Programming the thing will be easy, putting the mechanics together might be the hardest part, but I have a good idea about what I could do there.

Lasers, a dissapointment (or not!).

If these where holes you would se me luring behind.

I got my order from, it’s a place where you can upload some vector graphics and they cut int with their laser.

I made a little design that I was going to use as a lamp, the bad thing was that they only etched it, not cutting it.

I was very disappointed.

I mailed their sales/support organization and I hope that they will fix it.

Did I mention that I was dissapointed?

I’m very dissapointed.

UPDATE: Apparently something went wrong with my conversions, not cutyourway’s fault. They offered to re cut for half the price. But it wasn’t their fault so I’m gonna pass. I’ve decided to build a CNC machine for myself.

Besides, I’ve started to like the etched version!

Childrens books, the iPad and kindle

I was thinking a lot about how to revolutionize the childrens reading experience a while ago. Now that I have had that simmering in my head for a while I think it’s time for me to blurt it all out here.

Young children sees the book more as an object then a bearer of information. My kids have had books to eat, bath with, draw in and sometimes tear apart. That is ok, when you’re young you need to experiment on these things. The bathing book was one made in plastic. For these youngsters, a iPad/kindle is not a device. Nor is a special made military grade waterproof children’s device that either. Probably to expensive, and it wont replace the device anyways.

pre-school and young school children. They can already take care of such a device, my kids love to play with my iPad, byt they really dont care about reading books on it. there are so much else to do on it.

A few still open questions, if an iPad is among the first reading experiences a child has, is he bookshelf and paper peel effect good design/usability?

I’ll stop rambling, my pinkeye hurt’s me.

Lazers – test

So I’ve been thinking about lasers and CNC cutters/millers whatever a lot these last days.

I have this awesome idea that includes loads of holes, plastic and lights.

I’ve made a little convention program that converts images to set’s of holes. Just drill/cut the holes out and put some light behind it, and you have awesomeness.

For your pleasure, here are images that illustrate:

is converted to:

Now imagine all those white dots being holes, and a light source behind. it could be awesome. In fact, I’ve already ordered just this from on a 12″ * 12″ black acrylic plastic.

When I get that and have designed some other good stuff, I’m gonna go to and hire their laser-cutter.



A few days ago I made a new dish, here’s the recipe with pictures.

First, take some mushrooms and at least 3 different kinds of onions (yes, it’s gräslök)

Hacken mixen pulverisen!

Then take a falukorv, and cut it.

Put the goo inside.

wrap in bacon (2 packs used here)

put it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Arrange beautifully on a plate!

Flash on the Android

It scares me.

Even less quality on the apps will ensue.


Because Flash has never been fast (Adobe has previously failed to get phone manufacturers to make their whole UI in Flash, because mobile Flash … sucked)
Because (most) Flash “developers” are satisfied when shit works, not when their shit is actually cpu and resource friendly. We’re gonna get loads of “works on my pc” shit for the applications now.
Because it will not help with the diversification, and hardware segregation that is already a big problem on Android.

I’d happily be proven wrong, but the only thing Adobe Flash has been good for the last years are forcing ppl to buy newer hardware.

The future is looking more and more bright for Apple’s iPhone.

If you don’t agree with me, you are wrong.