I’m on vacation.

It’s nice.

I’m sitting in the shade, typing on my laptop, listening to the songs entering the jazzhole compo, watching the kids playing with (not in,as much) the pool.

It might have been a bad decision putting it next to the swings.

I’ve just bought a lot of clear plastic boxes so I can organize my workroom a bit better, and finish that sound-wall.

But now it’s so nice out, I’ll just sit here enjoying life.

Payback of being nice to random strangers on teh internets.

Two or three years ago when I  just made my moanonme device and it got loads of attention I recieved a strange email with the title “LED project for you?”. This was a guy from Australia living in England that wanted to do some lead stuff for his band. Se his band was just 2 persons (Bass and Guitar) and a drum machine. And he wanted to make the drums to be a larger part of their stage presence by blinking with VU-meters.

Since Aaron turned out to be really nice in his emails and I really did not have to do more then think of solutions to his problem I was helped out as good as I could. We threw a few ideas back and forth, and I think it was mine that he finally made.

Often when you do this kind of thing, nothing happens afterward. I’ve helped people with “personal art projects”, coding, electronics, input on music, etc etc. Often this does not amount to anything. Nothing is produced and there is nothing to show. This is ok, not every project succeds. Failing and or abandoning them is also ok.

I emailed Aaron once half a year after he told me he was finished asking for a video or image, he didn’t have one (yet), and I forgot all about it until the Sunday before last when he sent me an email. It had the same title, so he obviously replied to our old thread, I had to dig into memory (and look into the old discussion in the email) to remember what it was all about. The first sentences of the email was Aaron telling me that he hadn’t have had the time to film the device yet.

BUT they where going to play in Malmö Tuesday night and if I lived there he would put me on the guest list and I could check it out for myself. I work in Malmö, so I told him that I would be there. Tuesday came along and I went to see Civil Civic and the device I helped engineer. It was awesome. The music was great, chatting with Aaron afterward was also great.

Best of all was the feeling I had, sometimes helping ppl on the internet pays of, and when it does it’s a great feeling.

So go check out Civil Civic if you have a chance, at least on the internets, maybe there will be a video of the device sometimes. I took some pictures, but I like the elusive feel of it not being documented or put on the net.


So here is my simple little processing sketch that made all the nice circles.

Here is the source and example in a nice zipfile: LazerDirector

And here is the source, copy pasted, nice!

/* Lazor Director is a sketch to make halftone images into svg files that can be sent to a laser-cutter service,
examples of these are

Please note that the processing image is not a real representation of how the svg looks, the svg has far better resolution


PrintWriter output; // We use this to pritnt the svg file

PImage photo; //the original image that we want to convert to halftoneish svg

void setup()
  smooth(); //we want the smoothest possible edges in the image we see, can be removed for speed

  photo = loadImage("lobo.png"); //input image, that is, here is where you load what you want to halftone-hole (make sure it has the same size as the svg file output(se further down)) 
  size((int)(photo.width), (int)(photo.height));  //change processings window output widht and height

  output = createWriter("output.svg"); 

  background(0);  //setting the background to black, this is because I have black pastic to cut out from, add here your materials color

/*this is the header of the svg file. , 1080*1080 is 12"*12" (according to inkscape) */
  output.println(""); //1080 * 1080 is 12"x12"

  output.println(" Test");
  output.println(" Layer 1");

  drawCircles2(photo, 12); //the function that does the finding of the circles, second parameter is how large chunks (in pixels)it shall search in.


void draw()
//nothing to do here

void drawCircles2(PImage photo, int spacing)
  for(int j = 0; j < photo.height; j+=spacing) //looping through the image, in squares of 
    for(int i = 0; i < photo.width; i+=spacing)
      PImage segment = photo.get(i, j, spacing, spacing); //cuting out a whole
      float brighnezz = getAreaBrightness(segment); //meassuring the brighness
      float cSize =( brighnezz/51.2); //adjusting the size of the whole depending on the brightnezz

      if(cSize >1.5) //to small holes, we dont care about (was 0.5 in the one I show over at:
        fill(255); //white here because I want to get a feel for how it would look if added light behind
        stroke(255); //same here
        /*writing the svg information to file */
        output.println(" +cSize+"\" cy=\""+j+"\" cx=\""+i+"\"/> ");
        /* drawing preview on screen */
        ellipse(i, j,cSize, cSize);

int getAreaBrightness(PImage area)
  int bval = 0, count = 1;

  for(int i = 0; i < area.width; i++)
    for(int j = 0; j < area.height; j++)
      color check = area.get(i, j); 

      bval += brightness(check); //thank you processign for having all the dedious task's as functions!
  return (int)(bval/count);

So yeah, Lasercutting things.

I’ve been bisy as of late, sorry about that. Android Live Wallpaper competition at work. Making games and moustache applications with Staffan, kid’s starting their summer holiday’s. But enough of that.

As you know, I’ve been dabbling with lasercutting and I’ve recived my Lobo circled test. So here are a few pictures:

The holes are there, they need a little push to get clean from the de-brese though. The protective layer really protects.

closeup on the holes

This is the tedious part, it was so tedious that I had to go and take a nap.

Tova decided she wanted the holes, so she helped me cleaning!

First test with the stand I threw together.

This is pretty awesome, right!

Tomorrow I’m going to post the script I used to convert the image to svg!