Firing my lasers

Lasers are cool, and so are CNC machines.

With a little help from ebay and Jesper I have a steady reliable laser module that I have mounted on my CNC machine.
The laser is always on (I’m gonna fix that) and the color is in a spectrum that is not visible by humans, the good news is that it is visible by my iPhone. So I shot a little video:

You can see the light emitting from the laser LED and at the end you see the result of the laser. man oh man will this be fun to play around with.

The cooling seems to work as well!

This is exciting!

Last Pic Standing

I discovered last pic standing yesterday. it’s a site where everyone can upload a picture, that picture overwrites the old picture.

I wish I thought of this.

Anyway, I’m home sick, and reloading that page was the best fun I had. It’s a bit like lottery.
Mild disappointment when there is no new image.
Real bad disappointment when there is a new and bad image.
Terrible disappointment when the site is down because of all the reloaders out there.
Great success when there is a new and good picture.

Anyways I need to get some sleep but I don’t want to miss out on any image, so I installed wget on my mac.

then I wrote this little script to download all new images:

while :
wget -A gif,jpg,png -r -nc
sleep 5

Now I can get some sleep, and I will only miss images that are less then 5 seconds apart, perhaps I should lower that amount, but lets be nice to that server!