TC-Helion’s iPhone App Voice-jam looses songs.

TC-Helion’s iPhone App Voice-jam looses songs so I wrote them this letter.

“Hi there

I bought voice-jam a few days ago. While it is nice and I really like it it has on destroyed three of my jam sessions. That is three songs I will never ever get back.

It seems that it does not save jam-sessions, nor does it warn you that you are recording over something you’ve recorded before. When you “save to new” it does not save the jam-session.

The way you’ve implemented this feature is so bad that I just couldn’t believe that someone of your caliber had done such a sloppy job. Surely this is not the first time you hear this?

Is there some way you can bring my songs back?

Also on your supportpage, there are no Product that fit’s Voice-Jam.


Also, you cant get support unless you create an account with them.