New mailbox and a hydrophonic plantgrower

A while ago (2 years) our mailman squished our mailbox with his bike and it has been a little wonky ever since. Almost as long ago we got a new mailbox and I’ve finally used the CNC machine in my basement to put our name on it. And since Lukas was home sick today and me at home taking care of him I had no excuse to not put it up.

But not before we made this little beauty:

It’s a 10l bucket with a a pump and a hose that moves the water and fertilizer from the bottom to the top where it pours down over some clay pebbles that holds the plants there. I find DIY hydroponics are very interesting. It shall be most interesting to see if and how good this works.


I had my 34th birthday this last Saturday, it was awesome. Many guests and good presents.

Here is a video of two presents I got, a meeblip and a rockband3 keytar.
The meeblip was an easy build, and the Keytar smarter and more capable then I thought. I’ll be rocking the house soon.