We made seed bombs. Seed bombs are small “bombs” with seeds and stuff that keeps it together, you can also use clay or manure, just as long as seeds can grow in it. We used papier mache, it’s fun to make, and paper is easy to digest for plants. You dont need bird-seeds either, but it’s cheap. I bought 5kg for almost nothing. That makes a lot of bombs. Hooray. If you want to make more of guerrilla gardening maybe lettuce seeds.

We threw away a lot yesterday when we went to the bath house. Now we wait until there are flowers everywhere!



Solenoid-drums (with video)

Ever since I first saw the first video with solenoids banging away on stuff making beats I have wanted me some of that. I even emailed a lot with that guy who made the NintendoGameboy thing, I promised to help him program the UI but it neven amounted to anything.

I found a few solenoids some years later, but they where huuuuge and scary, really scary. So I never used them for anything (I still have them though). I built the first version for those solenoids, but I was not sure I got the  Transistor part correct so I never really dared hooking them up to my arduino/computer but with the help of this blog and it made me rebuild and retry, this time with really smaller Solenoids.

I reused some old code from the Opal build, that was nice having that on the blog (since I just got my computer stolen and I had not that back upped anywhere else) that reads Midi in via some magic OS X functionality. HOORAY. And then a little tiny tiny Arduino program listening to what the OS X program tells it to initiate the Solenoids. Anyway here is the and the

And if you only want to watch the vide, it’s here: