A new little musicvideo



I bought some crystal mud. They are really small pearls that grow when you put them in water. They are supposed to be good for planting and as waterreservoirs for plants. This is a short video with the 4 hour growing condensed down to 27 seconds. I also added some artsy fartsy music to the video and a “meta” photo of the setup I used when creating the video. Sunday after-noon naive – eclecticism.


Very big

I got inspired by Zeldman’s web manifesto, readability, and adaptive design so I decided to remake the visual appearance of my blog.

While I had already started in that direction with removing stuff, there where a lot more to remove.
No more google plus buttons, I never use them, why should I have them on my blog?
No more “like” buttons to facebook, I never use them, so why should I have them on my blog?
The whole sidebar, with useless things like calendar, list of posts and google ads. I’m sorry I added the Adsense, I block all ads on the internets myself so I dont really know why I thought it was a good idea to clutter them all over here.

And the fonts, they are bigger, makes it easier to read I hope. It sure does look delicious. The images are still a problem, I want to set them to be more dynamic, perhaps later.

Review Challenge 2/4

This time, a documentary and some new snacks.

The documentary, surplus, with the tagline, terrorized into being consumers, was an hour long.
I had no idea what to expect. I know I did not expect what I saw. I did not understand if it was pro consumerism or not. Maybe. I did not understand the message. Possibly. I’m not even sure it was a documentary.

I believe it was an hour long house music video, disguised. The five minute repetition of the funkydrummer beat was great.

No to the candy.

I ate it while watching the house-video.

Cloetta pops: “Crunchy with a salty twist” I could not taste the salt. but the candy was very chocolately and saliva inducing. I recommend a try.

John Zerzan was in the movie, I vaugely remember reading about him. From hiw own webpage: “Zerzan is an intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement, an ideology that regards technology as a destroyer of human communities. “. I have mixed feelings about that. I want humanity to change to. But there is truth in the notion that technology is not all good.

Can we make it good?

Skriet / The Scream / Skrik


My friend Emmy wanted an exhibition at her gallery ItchySoul Atelje in Malmö so she asked her friends to make a rendition of Edward Munch’s “the scream”
She handed out canvases  20 by 20 cm in size and we all started to work on it. The Vernissage has alredy been so I thought I’d share what I did here.

First of, I’m no master painter, I used sharpies and duct tape. I wanted to make something more robotic with straight edges. And I wanted the robot to scream. A little like the death-screams of a portal gun-tower. For this I used a attiny 13v, two leds, a speaker, asome batteries and a little code. It does scream at uneven intervals. It’s all based on the tiny arduino loader, so it was pretty easy to code.





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