VST woes

So I make VST’s on my spare time, mainly for my own musical adventures, but I usually get them to some sort of state and publish them on www.shuriken.se.

But see, I had my laptops stolen half a year ago, and I lost half of the VST I was working on. More specifically the training part of a neural network “learn how to imitate effects” type thing. I kept the VST source on another backup, so that was still safe.

Three days ago I wanted to compile that VST just to use it some, and then probably publish it onto the world. Just for fun. It does not sound very good. And then perhaps take it from the tiny proof it is now to something a bit more useful. with better networks and larger brains.

Here comes the trouble though. Xcode 4.whatever I’m using now does not have the 10.6 SDK installed. VST-GUI 2.whatever I’m using needs 10.6 to compile.

You cant install earlier xcodes on your computer, and uprading to VSTGUI3 will take more time and effort then I felt I wanted to put in.

The solution three nights later was to download xcode 3.2.6 look in the hidden folder called packages, find the 10.6 SDK installer .pkg. Install that sucker on my system and then lift it into the xcode app folder.

I’m just gonna leave this here so I remember this on my next computer when I’m angrily trying to remember what I did to make this work the last time.

And soon I might release FlyBrain.