Battery starve guitar effect pedal


Last night, I made a starve pedal. It’s not a pedal in itself, it’s a gadget that removes power from another pedal, thus making it go all “dying battery”. This can lead to sounds that is useful. It can also lead to just silence. Results may vary. This version of the pedal has power in/out and two potentiometers chained. One is 10k and the other is 1k. I use the bigger pot to dial in the general area of where the fun sound is, and the 1k to fine-tune.

Someone will be delighted for christmas


Why? because in this, the second of cold’s in a very short time. I strayed from watching TV (marathon style) and glued together a lamp.

I used an old light fixture that was from a lamp that got smashed some time ago.
Then a bunch of wood sticks and glue.

Took me a while, but I’m sick and thus a bit slow in the head so I don’t need that much stimulus right now.

Anyway, it’s sort of pretty, and you can put stuff on it. And I will probably give it away as a christmas present. I’m thinking of making all the christmas presents this year. It’s not that I don’t have the money, it’s just that I’m cheap.



This is the base of the lamp. nothing fancy, I just glued it all together.