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 Yet again I bid you welcome firends families and foes. This time I've
 taken a walkman and converted it to a guitar distortion pedal.

 This was pretty easy actually, and I got the idea from the net and I
 wanted to try it out myself. The theory is that you use the amplification
 part of the walkman to aplificate another signal then the zeors and ones
 stored on a casette tape.

 So basically what you need to do is:

 1 Remove the buttons and the motor.
 2 Connect the stuff tohether so that it works, this is done differently
 from model to model I think. The one I had was pretty straightforward.
 3 Remove the tape head, and put a guitar jack there instead.
 4 Optional is to change the jacks from small to big.

 Anyways, this cost me about 3 EUR to put together ( since I bought the
 walkman of ebay) I gave this away to my kid sisters boyfriend who plays
 guitar a whole lot better then me.

 He put toghether a little soundbyte recorded with his mp3player so
 the quality isnt really hi-fi.

 Click here to listen to how it sounds.
 Or here for another soundbite.

If you like to hear more of the gifted guitarplayer go to

The walkman and the new jacks I'm gonna put in.

Crap that I didnt need in it, buttons and motors and so.

Had to put stuff together again since I had trouble
figuring out how to remove the dependencies to the engine.
It was to easy, that was the problem for me.

The new jacks get solderd on to the cables.

Cables in place and the whole thing is getting tested.