Is it broken?

While I was documenting that sticker I’m making for the macbook I’ve ordered I accidentally dropped my camera 10cm. It landed on the lens. The lens got pushed in and looked totally broken. While trying to fix it it suddenly looked like this:


I managed to get it together again, and it’s working. I’m able to take photos with it, but it does not want to retract again.

I dont have any warranty left on it, it’s over 2 years, atleast. Sure I have an insurance but if I excercise that one, I will have to pay more for the insurance later on.

A new camera needs to be bought, I’ll look around, see what I can find. probably it will be the same series. Unless anyone have a tip?

What I’m looking for is:

  • Fast to start.
  • Good quality images
  • Battery that are either interchangable or lasts forever.
  • Takes SD-Cards
  • Works well during poor lightning.

The one I broke was a Fujifilm Finepix F40FD

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