I don’t normally use my blog for advertisement. (Samplodica FTW)

Because no-one ever sends me stuff, or pays me to do write something up. That is sad, I’d love to get loads of free stuff, and moneys to buy other stuff with.

But you know what, I have received something, and I was so excited about it I had to wait three weeks to write about it so I had time to cool down. I dont want my judgement biased right at the beginning after all. I think that this might be a huge opportunity for me, with loads of stuff coming my way.

Let’s get on with it.

What I received was an iphone/ipad app, it’s cleverly named to Samplodica. What it does is that it’s more of an instrument than a daw. You play it like a real instrument, using the accelerometer and areas on the screen to choose what sound to play. This might sound hard, but it is not. It’s easy and intuitive. And I have not on a single occasion thrown the iPhone into a wall or similar (you where thinking that, I know you where). There are loads of features, like a matrix where you can decide if starting one sound can make other shut up. Exactly like a hi-hat. You can import samples from your computer. You can live-sample from your environment.

All in all I thoroughly enjoy playing with Samplodica. When it’s release (22’nd of May) you’re gonna have fun playing with it to!

One thought on “I don’t normally use my blog for advertisement. (Samplodica FTW)

  1. mmmm, samplodica it’s from the future!

    You know what they say:

    “People from the future ain’t playing the harmonica.”

    /-.. .-. .–. …. . .- .-.

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