The “fictional character” method of loosing weight.

My colleague and friend <fictional character> is in no way affiliated with this method to loose weight. He has nothing at all to do with it. He has never ever ever done anything to do with this technique. Let me repeat, The <fictional character> method of loosing weight have nothing to do with the <fictional character> I know.

The Method:
What <fictional character> usually does when he wants to loose weight is pretty specialised to Sweden. In Sweden we like to queue, and we are good at it. We know how to queue. Around the world I think russians have that reputation, but in reality it’s Swedes that have perfected standing in line. Just search the internet and you will find many a tales about Swedes and line standing. So not following the queue line is taboo. It’s unheard of. You will get pointers to rectify your crazy behaviour. You will be educated. Now why do I talk about this when I should talk about the method? Well it involves queues. This is what <fictional character> does, he walks over to the a bus-hub. Simply a place in Malmö where there are a lot of busses going back and forth and several places to stand in line waiting for the bus. There <fictional character> locates the longest queue, and cuts it. He get’s in in front of everyone. Chaos ensues. Some people just mutters and clench their fists in their pockets. Some make snide comments, and some even confronts him. The most stressful times, <fictional character> tells me, is when no-one outright confronts him. When this happens, <fictional character> tells me, is when he looses the most weight. The social stigma he catches the onslaught of is so stressful that his body goes into overdrive. <fictional character> of course have a lot of statistic to back this up. Although his social anthropological experiment have almost ended with disaster a few times. But a bit of running and hiding will also help you loose weight, apparently. If you try this or something similar in the culture you live in, please write the story or post a link to the story in the comments.

Anyways, my friend and colleague <fictional character> is in no way responsible or have anything to do with the above text, for real!

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