More lgpt awesomeness and new hardwave.

I have bought new hardware. Hooray!


The new one is the top one, it’s a Dingoo A320 made by Shenzhen Dingoo Digital. The Dingoo is a nice little piece of machinery. A few of the things I like about it are:

  • Opensource’d development enviroment
  • Form factor of a Nes-controller
  • 7hour battery time.
  • It runs LGPT
  • It boots in 4 seconds.
  • It’s supposed to be some sort of  Communistic statement from the Chinese government.

So yes I was really excited to exchange my gp2x f200 with it’s bulky size and long boot time for something younger and slimmer :). After installing a new firmware and a Linux variant called Dingux I was up and running. Hooray. After using it on the train (with a little scare where I could not get audio out from the headphones since I put it in the wrong hole (video out instead of headphones)) I was up and piggin. The awkward placement of the headphone jack wasn’t that awkward after all.

I noticed a few things that wasn’t one hundred percentage super sweet, one was the volume, you couldn’t get the piggy running at a nice volume on the speakers, and you have to exit the piggy, reboot into the original OS to quit.  The first was fixed by mashing X, it is a hidden feature. The second was fixed with a new version of the Linux. Hooray.

What better way to celebrate this then to make a tune from beginning to end? NONE, so I’ve made this song in the style of booring techno with only one note, the note of D. Yup, only D. the note D.

Here’s the lgpt project folder: lgpt_dingo_1
And here’s the song i mp3 format: lgpt_dingo_1

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