Eggbot at the library.


Two of my kids are takin art-classes after school, the principal and I have a good relationship. So when she asked if I could bring some cool techno-gadget (she wanted the 3D printer) to an event at the library I agreed.

The event was a birthday-party for children book characters Pettson and Findus and there was a lot of participants. I stood during 4 hours talking to kids about robots, and how they could do cool stuff. Like paint on eggs for the pancake – cake the eggs that we had the eggbot paint would become. I had them draw something in Inkscape and then they watched (in awe) when the robot painted on the egg what they just painted on the computer.

One cool thing was that most of the children approaching the egg-painting robot where girls. There was a lot of eggs with hearts, suns and names.

And I was so proud of my kids that helped out in showing the other kids how to operate a mouse (not all kids know how!) and explaining how the robot worked. They where also polite with all suggestions about how easter at our house works.

There was a small article in the local paper, they did not mention a tenth of what happened though (I’m a little bitter)

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