A lazy-dog for little piggy tracker

Littlepiggytracker is a tracker designed for hand held consoles. It’s awesome and I like it a lot. I use it mainly to create beats when I’m on the go. As cool as this is you sometimes need to look up those abbreviation codes for some serious effect-addition. Also when you are new to the piggy it’s nice to have some sort of cheat-sheet, so I made this lazy-dog for myself. And whilst is probably not perfect it has helped me a lot and I still keep it in my GP2X-F200 case and I occasionally look at it.

I wrote it in NeoOffice, which is a OSX-clone/fork of openoffice. I only tell you this so if you want to edit the lgpt-lazydog.odt but for most reasons it’s probably best to get the PDF version: lgpt-lazydog.pdf

Hope you enjoy.

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