Dear blog

Dear blog,

I know I’m supposed to write in you every-day, but I just wont.

However, today after getting the kids at my parents place where they spent the night, because me and the wife had our five year anniversary yesterday. That’s right, five years since we got married. Wood-wedding if you google it. No jokes allowed! ok. She made this awesome painting for me:

I took the image with my macintosh, becuase it’s hot and I’m lazy.

Anyways, dear diary blog after we got the kids we went to Billeberga, where they had a village garage sale. I really didnt find anything that I was into until we spotted two lasers, the kind you have to Disco’s. 50 SEK a piece they where, and we got a third one for free to get spare parts from. The guy who sold them got superexcited when I told him that I bought a fog-machine at Thomann. AT THEIR STORE. in Germany. Yeah, remember when I told you me and golden rocket pony took a care to Hildesheim? Anyways, the wife was so into going to yardsales she wanted to go to one more. I mean, we went and saw a movie yesterday (Prince of Persia) and ate some food, but I did not make her a painting. So we went from Billeberga to Eslöv and stopped at Gårdstånga to get some food. I had a french hot dog with french mustard. Then we went to Harlösa and went to another loppis. They had a jump-castle so the kids where a little satisfied. I bought a BMX for 50 sek. (thats about 5 dollars). I’m going to be kick-ass on the BMX’er. Then we went to Vombsjön and took a swim, It is the coldest sea in the whole wide world, it might say so on the wikipedia link after I’ve edited the page. Then we went to Löberöd and ate at the Tha-wagon it’s one of the best thai-resturaunts I’ve ever been to, and the reason we went by Löberöd. Then we had some soft-ice at the Café in Löberöd. I’m not really sure if you’re allowed to call yourself a café if you dont serve coffe, but what the hell, it’s the country. Then we went home. Hooray, I made some lattes and put about 50 tomato plants into the ground. My mom had some left that they couldent sell as small plants, So I just planted them and hope that they will survive to get some tomatoes/tomatos on them.

If you’re wondering about this blog post, fear not, the heat is making my brain simmer and my fingers type what I think. Yes, I  think that slow right now! oh what the hell, a few more exclamation marks before I push publish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it.

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