Immersion Composition

A while back I read “The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook”.  The book describes the immersion composition teqhnique, wikipedia.

In short it’s a “game” where you “compete” against a few fellow music makers and try as hard as you can to make 20 songs in 12 hours.

So me and three friends tried it out yesterday. I ended up with 18 songs and a few that where actually good.

I learned a lot about my own creative process and I’ll definitively learn some chords and an instrument to play them on. Probably the keytar.

Anyways Staffan has made his favorite song public, it’s here:
Kallelse by Staffan Lincoln

And you can read more about it here.

And here is the one I’m choosing to share with you all, it’s in samic style
006 – Jojk by Larsby

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