Review Challenge 2/4

This time, a documentary and some new snacks.

The documentary, surplus, with the tagline, terrorized into being consumers, was an hour long.
I had no idea what to expect. I know I did not expect what I saw. I did not understand if it was pro consumerism or not. Maybe. I did not understand the message. Possibly. I’m not even sure it was a documentary.

I believe it was an hour long house music video, disguised. The five minute repetition of the funkydrummer beat was great.

No to the candy.

I ate it while watching the house-video.

Cloetta pops: “Crunchy with a salty twist” I could not taste the salt. but the candy was very chocolately and saliva inducing. I recommend a try.

John Zerzan was in the movie, I vaugely remember reading about him. From hiw own webpage: “Zerzan is an intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement, an ideology that regards technology as a destroyer of human communities. “. I have mixed feelings about that. I want humanity to change to. But there is truth in the notion that technology is not all good.

Can we make it good?

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