My top dystopian world where capitalism-gone wrong science fiction books-list

I have read a few of science fiction books in my days, but I recently stumbled on a “genre” that combines sci-fi and dystopian societies. My faves!

In a humanitarian outburst of sharing I hereby give you the top three books. All thought-provoking and a good action-read, on Wikipedia not all of them are labeled as science fiction, but I bought them in the sci-fi bookstore in Malmö so I’d go by that category anyways.

In no order:

Market Forces

You win contracts to your firm by racing against your competitors. And if you are in for a promotion, there is almost always a colleague to race against. And the races are to the death. Very cut-throat competitive.


Jennifer Government
The US of A is run by corporations, the government is a shattered in a libertarian utopia, but the companies does not behave well. Employes dont have their own last names, but keep rather the company they work for like John Nike. John Nike starts of the book by killing of kids in a marketing scheme, making demands for the new Nike’s much much higher.


For The Win
Workers in third world countries works as gold-miners in on-line games, selling the farmed gold to rich western players that cant be bothered to level up themselves. Shit hit’s the fan when these workers try to organize unions and demand fair salaries.

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