Another CNC post

I know these post are getting norm here, especialy the tecnology part of it. Soon though I’ll post a video of the CNC making something.

But this post is about the arduino code I modified to controll the motors. I was going to try more then the reprap old old old gcode interpreter, but I never got further. It’s really booring to configure motor drivers.

Anyways, reprap has a gcode interpreter, I dont really remember all the problems or the modifications that I made. but here are some:

The motors and turnstep had to be configured for the V90.
Inverted angles are the best angles.
Feed speed did not work dunno why, something with the motors.
Turning the motors of did not work, or rather, turning them on again failed.
I removed all endstop triggers, did not connect those.
Fixed the existing feedrate, and added my own 🙂
Added more comment ignore-code.

That’s about it I guess.


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