Nyan cat, on acoustic bass (modified, but not like John Cage’s pianos)

So, I’ve been learning to play the bass, with an acoustic bass non the less. Why? because it’s harder, as in you need more muscles. That way I figured that playing electric bass or any other form of guitar would be super easy. And I’ve done some testing, and it is. What’s been keeping me back though is the eternal pain I have in the finger I accidently carved of a piece of in the router. The nail is not growing properly and I miss support and it’s always sore. But nevermind that, art that you dont suffer for is not art worth making. erhm right.

Anyways, if you watch me playing Nyancat (sort of as fast as I can) you will notice a white piece of sugru and you might wonder what it is? well it’s a piece of moldable plastic that turns hard. I use it as a thumb rest, makes it easier for my fingers to find their proper place without me looking, muscle memory FTW.

anyways, I just wanted everyone to know that this is the level of speed and accuracy I’m at right now. No timestretching has been made to make me look like I hit the timing better, but boy has it been hard not to.


If you want the tab/score, here it is: nyancat_bass.pdf


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