iBook and why it will fail (but I still read books on my iPad)

iBook, a flagship application from Apple on the iPad. It’s supposed to revolutionize reading (in an amazing ang magical way).

First off, the bookshelf, it’s ugly and clunky. I want to feel lightness when I’m holding the iPad, a big clunky wooden bookshelf does not do this for me.

Secondly, the page-peel effect, it does not do it for me, at all.

Thirdly, and this is probably the biggest beef, why are the books so expensive? I mean, really really expensive. One category is “Sci-fi books under $7 “. If I go into a book-store and look at the pocket books they cost the same and even less in some cases.
Why is a digital book so expensive? A Full season of the tv-show Glee in the iTunes store is $59.99, Avatar goes for $14.99. How many persons do you need to write a book? Probably the same amount that it takes to write the script of one of the tv-shows, or a movie. But then you have all the rest of the stuff that comes with a movie production. And isn’t the digital way supposed to save the trees and the environment and all that? At least you don’t have to print the books, transport them etc etc. Then why is the price on books in the iBook store so high? WHYYYYYYYYY?

Anyways, I don’t read books in iBook, I use cloudreader wich is an awesome and free program. Not only does it show pdf’s brilliantly, it does show all the comic book formats there is. Navigation is easy and fast as you can se in this youtube-clip (not made by me) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdxsdlWAHTo
You add the files via itunes and the connection to your iPad, dead easy.

So to sum up, iBook I don’t use, the iBook store are taking (IMO) to much money for the books, I read books on the iPad with cloudreader, and you should to!

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