Plain white MacBook made awesomer!

When pondering if I should buy a MacBook or a MaxBook Pro one thing that talked against the MacBook was it’s plain whiteness. I decided for the cheaper alternative but I did not accept the whiteness. This is my journey towards getting this awesome tentacles on my computer.


The first thing I did whas deciding on a motive, and there are a lot of nice things to do and loads of inspiration to get at such places as deviantart and the internet in general. A few things I really liked was the snowwhite motives that are available to buy. But by this time I was so set on making something unique. So I made a tentacle motive.
Since I cant draw very well this proved to hard so I cheated 🙂 a few google imagesearch I found a bunch of tentacles that I could use. These I “photoshoped” together and printed. After that I stenciled that image with the help of a window and the sun.


Ten I photographed this image in a better setting. Then back to the computer to and some searching on the internet. I looked around for skin shops and or sticker places that could do a good job. But I found no skin that I liked and all the “convert photo to sticker for your computer” places had no way of telling where the apple would be. I did not want to loose the glowing apple. Then I found  a local place and they had this vinylcutter service. Excellent. But they wanted an EPS. So I had to learn how to do one. I could try and redraw my image in some program that makes vectors, but that seemed hard and time-consuming. But I remembered Inkskape that I used before and behold I rememberd correctly. Inkscape can export EPS files. Then luck stroke again, delineate takes an image and converts it to SVG. After playing with the contrast and brightness levels I got this picture that that translated into a EPS beautifully.


So yeah, I sent the EPS to stickit and they sent me the plastic and all I had to do was to transfer it onto my computer. I’m very satisfied with the result.

Very satisfied!

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