Very big

I got inspired by Zeldman’s web manifesto, readability, and adaptive design so I decided to remake the visual appearance of my blog.

While I had already started in that direction with removing stuff, there where a lot more to remove.
No more google plus buttons, I never use them, why should I have them on my blog?
No more “like” buttons to facebook, I never use them, so why should I have them on my blog?
The whole sidebar, with useless things like calendar, list of posts and google ads. I’m sorry I added the Adsense, I block all ads on the internets myself so I dont really know why I thought it was a good idea to clutter them all over here.

And the fonts, they are bigger, makes it easier to read I hope. It sure does look delicious. The images are still a problem, I want to set them to be more dynamic, perhaps later.

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