NastyBass for the PocketPiano

I made a sketch for critter and guitari’s Pocketpiano Arduino-shield (it was the for the first Arduino I bought, and the reason I bought the first Arduino)
There is a video of me explaining it here:

But Critter and guitari ( ) newer published the source-code I sent to him/them, whatever.

And since this one guy asked for it on the internets I though I’d share it with you all, so here it is: PocketPiano_NastyBass

2 thoughts on “NastyBass for the PocketPiano

  1. I used you code the other day. Nice. I’ve seen mention of modifying the board for the 25th key. Any idea how to do that?

  2. RE:It does seem hard doesent it? I might be able to help you though, but not via this forum. Send me an email it’s available at my blog.

    …thats my email

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