I’m a better driver than most.

In Sweden, you are not allowed to be good at anything, it’s called Jantelagen and it comes sneaks up upon you even though you know it exists. One thing is that there are some “statistics” from a “survey” that everybody knows of (though I have not been able to find it) that say that “90% of the Swedish population think that they are better driver then most”. This “fact” is often followed by a chuckle and and the appendix “that cant be true, because 90% is more then 10%, and that’s not half”. This kills anyone dead that think they are a good driver.

The important thing here I think is that Swedes as a people totally forgets to analyze why the alledged 90% think they are good drivers. (trust me, we are not a land of champion f-1 drivers). Is it because they think that everybody else does lots of mistakes and drive badly (perhaps because of stupidity)? Or is it because you think you’re special (as the jante law tells you that you cannot be).

I know I make mistakes while driving, I know I forget rules from time to time, especially seldom used ones. I know I don’t remember all the roadsigns. What I also know is that I do know these things and when I made a mistake or found something that I’m unsure of, I look it up. I try to improve, that’s makes me a better driver then most other drivers I think. I avoid putting anyone in dangerous situations, or situations that I cant control. When it’s bad weather (like loads of snow and stuff) and I don’t need to use the car, guess what, I don’t!

What I’m saying is that I try to improve, and I use common sense, and I think that makes me a better driver.

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  1. I think you’re a good driver if you can drive 200 km/h on icy roads without crashing. 😀

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