Why in the world is my bathroom door gray?



My bathroom door is gray, all the other doors are white. In this blogaticle I will try to answer the question posted in the title: “Why in the world is my bathroom door gray?”

During my travel for truth I found out that there are two answers. One that is short, and one that is almost lengthy. Let’s start with the lengthy one.

Every other door on that level of my house is white. The door to the stairs down the basement and the door that leads to the tv-room and the door that’s to the wardrobe-closet and the door to the hall. Except the door to the tv-room and the hall these are doors we want guest’s to avoid. The basement stairs are steep and there is really nothing to see down there, when the kids have friends over that needs to go to the loo, we dont want them to fall down stairs, possibly soiling themselves at the same time. The wardrobe-closet, there is a lot of stuff there, but they are mostly there to be stored. So how do explain which door is to the toilet, so easy that a child that really needs to go can find it directly. We tried instructions, but never managed to get them clear enough. We tried putting up discreet signs that had the word “WC” on them. Still no gold cigar. So I painted the door gray. It’s totally different from all the other doors. The directions are easy to give.
“-I need to use the toilet”
“-Gray door”
Pretty lengthy answer, could have been a lot longer. But it’s long compared to the short answer: There was gray paint in the canister labeled with white.


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  1. Damn, that is a really good way to get people to find the correct door almost immediately. Good thinking, or just a lucky coincidence that happened due to a mislabeling of a canister. 🙂

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