Ten day juicefast, a testamonial

In the documentary “Fat sick and nearly dead” an overweight Australian that decides to go on a 60 day juicefast to get slimmer and healthier. It’s a good documentary and you get excited over getting healthier, it has a nice twist and is entertaining.

Watching this movie, and as usual, feeling a bit to large for my trousers, both me and my friend Christian felt like doing a juice-fast. Or we’ve been talking about it for a while. A pretty long while. Like a couple of month’s while. But Christian’s personality forces him to never forget. And if he presents a challenge I need to step up to it.

You all know my fascination for juicers and centrifuges, heck, I even built one. This was a good way to try the newest one out. And I do like juice. Juice is the nicest. I can drink just juice for ten days.

Also, I was curious to what happened to the poo. What happens to the poo? do you stop poing? Do you poo less? What will it look like? These mysteries are to alluring for me to leave out. Dont suggest that I should Google it, I’ve seen enough pictures of poo on the internet to last a lifetime.

So by the pre-week, where you start to eat a bit healthier, drink less coffe and perhaps quit it all I weighed in at 90 Kg. This is a little more then a 35year old man of 185cm should weigh. But what can I say, I’ve let myself go. After the pre-week I was down at 89, HOORAY. I did eat a lot of ice cream and cake during the weekend. A lot.

So the first days where pretty ok, it was still very novel, just drinking. And juicing was nice as well. I made a bottle of juice at home that I brought to work, then me and Christian went out to eat NEJ drink at different juice places at lunch. Most of them sucked though, frozen ingredients, and bottled apple-juice as base. We became juice-snobs. Later in the week, and especially the weekend was pretty hard. The second monday, just 7 days after we started we decided to stop our fast. A little bit early, but I digress.

The cons:
* You need to sip on a juice almost all the time, or you will get tired. And juicing and bringing to places is hard.
* I missed eating, not that I was hungry, I just missed to chew.
* By the end of the it I had started to hate juice, hate it so much I almost threw up when thinking about drinking more.
* They tell you to stop drinking Coffe, something I was gonna ignore. You know what happens when you pour coffe into a stomach that is only filled with water? well, all the water wants out and the fastest way is going through your rectum. This made me stop drinking coffe.
* Since you are drinking a little all the time, you need to pee a little all the time. That gets frustrating.

The Pros:
* I lost a lot of weight, I’m planning on exercising so that I keep most of the weight loss.
* It’s real fun doing something challenging.
* You get to drink a lot of delicious juice
* I got to use my withings scale to track real progress.
* I have not slept as good in a long time.
* I woke each morning when the alarm sounded, and was not dead tired as usual, and went up!
* I got to be vegetarian for a while, I have not been that before.
* I bet you clean out a lot of stuff from you’re system/guts.
* I went from 89kg to 84kg in 7 days.

Will I do it again?
Sure a five day juice-fest is no biggie, and pretty nice. It was the last two days that where really really annoying. But not thins month, maybe in a couple.

So what did happen to the poo?
At first it was normal, then it came more and more seldom, it still came, but a few days apart. And unless you drink coffee and get diarrea it’s pretty uneventful and dull affair.

I tried coffee today, and it did not taste good. I could not eat any of the fries to my “break the fast hamburger” and I went and had a box of strawberries for snack and soup for evening supper. Now I’m gonna go take a long walk and drink some water. Perhaps my habits are irreversibly improved!

3 thoughts on “Ten day juicefast, a testamonial

  1. Tack! För visst undrar man om bajset. Du kanske kan prova fler dieter? Jag och Joel vill iaf läsa mer.

  2. Being the person that sits the closest to Johan at work I decided to do a daily odor check (I’ve been told that people that are on these kind of diets really starts to stink after a couple of days). I’m happy to debunk that theory, at least for this particular stint of juice fast. I have nothing to report when it comes to irregular weird unwelcome scents or fumes pestering our office.

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