Made a longboard

Soooo, I made a longboard.

There are a lot of tutorials out on the internet on how to make a longboard. a longboard is a longer skateboard, with larger wheels. It’s not as much for making tricks and going down ramps and such, you can, but, well I babble, sorry.

First of I went and bought good wheels and bearings, then I mounted them on a paper, looked good.

Then me and my kid brother went and cut out that shape and mounted the wheels on it, just to try it. worked great.

Then I added some love to it, sanding down the edges and painted it some, this is the result. For griptape I used “halkskydd” for stairs and such. the best thing is that it already had the glue on the back, just peel of the protective skin and apply.

I also cut out a stylish skull with my CNC cutter.

Sadly It broke at the front, so I had to cut it down some, so now it’s a not as long-board as it used to be. Have some more sanding to do, but it actually handles better. It’s easier to find the middle of the board when the board is smaller. I’ve also learned how to foot-break.

I also put the holes for the screws at the front to far up, so I’m guessing I’ll be remaking the deck real soon now.

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