I heard it on the radio, a samplepack (free)


This is a sample-disk. It contains samples, that you can use for creating music, or whatever.
The samples where all captured from a boom box I got on my like 8th birthday. (it’s the one in the picture). Needles to say, I’m not 8 anymore.

The waveforms are not taken from the FM band but rather the LM/MW bands. There are noise-samples that can be used for drones. Clicks and pop’s that might work splendidly for you as drums.

BEWARE, this sample-pack is not for everyone. Even though I’ve normalized and trimmed the sounds, they are not suitable for pop,soul r’n b and all that other radio-friendly stuff you hear on the… radio. well that didn’t make sense. (or did it?)

Yeah, I’m gonna let you copy these samples as you wish, as long as you don’t charge money for them. It would be cool if you let the included  readme.txt follow them. If you happen to use them for a song that you can charge money for, be my guest. Hope you make a million money’s. You could also post links to your songs here.

Download the pack here: I heard it on the radio.zip

And here is the companionsong that you really cant not include
I heard i on the radio sample song.mp3

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