Last Pic Standing

I discovered last pic standing yesterday. it’s a site where everyone can upload a picture, that picture overwrites the old picture.

I wish I thought of this.

Anyway, I’m home sick, and reloading that page was the best fun I had. It’s a bit like lottery.
Mild disappointment when there is no new image.
Real bad disappointment when there is a new and bad image.
Terrible disappointment when the site is down because of all the reloaders out there.
Great success when there is a new and good picture.

Anyways I need to get some sleep but I don’t want to miss out on any image, so I installed wget on my mac.

then I wrote this little script to download all new images:

while :
wget -A gif,jpg,png -r -nc
sleep 5

Now I can get some sleep, and I will only miss images that are less then 5 seconds apart, perhaps I should lower that amount, but lets be nice to that server!

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