Another get rich quick scheme.

So what I’ve heard that you get a quarter of a hundredth of a Swedish Krona every play you get from on Spotify. So I was thinking that I might try and get rich by doing very little.

I made some calculations on how much I could get if I played one song continuously, without further ado:

So I’m gonna go to cdbaby with a CD with 15 new songs, that all should be about one seconds long. So if I do this and only play the songs myself on repeat I’ll make 78 840 Sek in a year, that’s about 10 000 Usd or 8000 Eur.

To skew the results I’ll try and skew the results in my favor by naming the songs to very bland and easy to find if you search for other songs, mohahahahaha.

Here are the 15 songs with my new band “Get RITCH QUICK!” and the album “The sound of money”

01 The
02 Love
03 She
04 One
05 My
06 A
07 Money
08 Lets let’s
09 Its it’s
10 In
11 I
12 Dont don’t
13 Come
14 Baby
15 All

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