The review challenge, part 1

A long time ago (last blog post) I whined about not getting free stuff. Joakim thought this was sad, and decided to challenge me by sending me one package a week for four weeks with stuff for me to review. The challenge was accepted and I received my first package this week:

Interesting, some sort of candy. Djúpur, sounds Icelandic, like Tungur knifvur. I read the word licorice on the package, and I dont like licorice all that much so this might be a challenge.

And that is why I left the package unopened for a while, good thing, because I got poisoned by something I ate. Or whatever. It was as an unpleasant slice of time as you can imagine. They sealed of one bathroom at work, just for me (and so I would not make more ppl sick). If I had eaten a piece of this candy I would most defenetively blame it, but the candy alibi was waterproof.

Now to the review.

The candy tastes good. It’s got a crispy outside, that breakes most satisfactory when you start to chew on it. Inside is a piece of chocolate and inside that is a piece of licorice, but not the intrusive “all your taste-buds belongs to us”, but a good and nice addition.

The kids as always drawn to candy like moths to a flame swarmed around me and wanted to “just taste”, they “just tasted” quite a few of the Djúpur pieces. I had to hide it away so that I could have a few left for later in the evening.

In recap: food poisoning, bad candy good, challenge excellent! Like a high-school cheerleader movie I cheer, bring it on!

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