a message from Sean

This is from a conversation I had with Sean. He lives a couple of timezones away. So my evening is his afternoon.
22:34 “Larsby” I need to go to bed now
22:34 “Seaner” I am jealous
22:35 “Seaner” wear pants
22:35 “Seaner” just to mix things up
22:35 “Larsby” from time to time I wear a t-shirt and socks
22:35 “Larsby” and nothing else
22:35 “Larsby” it’s a weird sensation
22:36 “Seaner> lol
22:36 “Seaner> I will try that one

The day after, my afternoon, his morning I got:

15:49 “Seaner” wow, that was a mistake
15:49 “Seaner” I tried your sleeping uniform
15:50 “Seaner” I feel like I am still wearing the socks
16:13 “Larsby” hahahhahaaha
16:13 “Larsby” felt wird right
16:14 “Seaner” it was not good
16:14 “Larsby” what did Lynn say?
16:15 “Seaner” she said you have too much control over me


Epic win.

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