Testing a new way to make stencils, by hand… for now

In the wait for my CNC-parts to show up, I tried my make a lot of holes approach to make a screen-print stencil.

First of a picture of the paper that I printed the motif on and later used as a guide for the drilling of the holes in a plastic oh paper.

Paper with the holes drilled

This is just an image of the plastic put down on the t-shirt, the red is from a print I did with this on a black t-shirt just before. But the red paint was old.

Putting down the helper frame, as you can se there are the remains from a few old prints me and or my wife made over the years.

Black paint added.

Using a rakel to smooch out the paint so that it presses through the holes

End result:

The conclusion is that the drill holes will probably work better if i drill them on a harder material, but that was just to painful to do with a small hand-held dremel. I could probably sand down the part’s of the holes that are more punchout’s then holes.

Anyway’s I’m gonna be sporting this here t-shirt later on when I’m with a few friends at Norbergfestival next weekend. I’ll see if I can find myself some motthapeggas there!

One thought on “Testing a new way to make stencils, by hand… for now

  1. Nice things you got going on here! And I just love that tee!
    Any change you’re going to sell some of them?

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