New years resolution

So I’m beginning to feel a little to big. This is my plan to change that:

1: Full size mirror by the bed, you know, one of these that you can see your whole self in. It’s from IKEA but I couldn’t find it so no picture.
I place this mirror at the middle of the bed, so when I get up in the morning (by sitting on the middle of the bed) I get to watch my own pale and fat body. Topped with that newly-woken look that is so flattering. When I can se myself in the mirror in the morning and not have a pot-like belly I will call it a success.

2: I will place a scale just beneath the mirror (and pen and paper) so I can record my woken up weight every day. This should be the most scientifically correct measurement I can think of. Same amount of clothes and the body being somewhat “reset”.

3: Candy and soda only on Saturdays. This is hard. I like watching TV and eating candy at night. For now I settle on fruit, but that will have to go to.

4: Move a little more, perhaps start running. This is not very formulated as of yet. But I need to do some sort of exorcise.

Next Monday I will go and buy the most advanced scale ever created. It does have wifi-connection and all other sort of goodies. You can share your wight on twitter and facebook (not that I will do that)

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