Leaving and starting.

Today is the last day of my six month parental leave. I’ve changed a lot of diapers, fed a lot of meals and I have had the time of my life. Getting to know my youngest daughter and also being at home when the two older kids where finished with school have been wonderful. I have had freedom and purpose at the same time and it felt great.

But today is the last day of that. Tomorrow my little girl will start going to daycare and after the ease-in period is done I must again fill my days with code and emails. But not at BlackBerry where I was when I started out on this adventure. No I will be self-employed, working with casual gaming. I will make less money (at least at first, knock on wood etc) but I will have more freedom to manage my time so I can continue to pester my kids being a dad that knows what they are doing. Being a dad that finds the weird tv-shows and watches ALL THE EPISODES with them.

Wish me luck.

One thought on “Leaving and starting.

  1. hi johan
    if you are in need of a bloke who looks quite a lot like you – beard wise
    and are a graphic designer or just brain-companion
    who speak fluently Swedish and Danish
    in your new adventure as a casual gaming producer
    then i hope you’ll be thinking of me…

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