Made a tool to make word searches

While I’m getting into KDP publishing, I needed something that can make word search style puzzles from a list of words. So I made such a tool for my one of my Pen Names. Worked out pretty well. I made it in processing and it spit’s out .pdf’s with both the game and the solution. As an exercise I wanted to see if I could port it to javascript. p5.js. And I could. I’m not done though. And while this port has a lot of the original features. It does not support export multiple pages to PDF (yet). Maybe I’ll add that tomorrow.
The features:
Makes word-search games from user inputted words. Can do different sizes. Some customisation of text size and spacing. Solution on and off. Download png.

Future features will be:
Download as PDF
Make a series of puzzles.
Choose randomly from the list of words (needs to be a lot of words)
Select how many words on each puzzle.
Maybe some font choices. Depends on the pdf-generation.

3 thoughts on “Made a tool to make word searches

  1. I saw a reddit comment saying we could use this to publish our own KDP crossword book. is that actually true?

  2. @bb It’s not a crossword puzzle maker, it’s a find the word maker.

    @zawardo, sure thing, send me an email

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