I’m on a netabel!

Not a boat, but nice still. After a little help with the artwork I now have a release over at http://www.hexawe.net/ hex002B_green_worm_boogie <– that’s me.


If you read the release text with the downloadable zip at hexawe you will read:

Yeah, so friends.

Here we go, hexawe, Hooray.

I’d like to greet all the piggaz at #hexawe, and dmusta1ne for listening to this little track and giving me critique, all the peeps in the LGPT scene.

Made on a Dingoo A320, sitting on a rock while my kids played on the playground and on the train going back and forth to work.

Lined in and recorded to computer from the Dingoo. Well

yeah. Nothing else. Hooray!

A great big thanx to Caotix who took my original coverartidea and created the masterpiece you see in this release.

Find more of my stuff over at http://www.larsby.com/johan

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