Accordion stuff

So I’m learning button accordion and here is a few things I made to help myself:

First out is a image with the stradella bass layout and the names of all the notes on the c-griff button side. But in portrait more witch I could not find on the internet.ah


Secondly I like to have fun so I made this :



I so far have it lasered on a piece of wood and I also bought a t-shirt with it as a print.

if you want either of the images above as a vector, lemme know!


Thirdly I made a small Processing app that shows a note and then waits for my imput_


On the left is the note the program wants you to play, and to the right is the one the program found you playing. However the identification of the note on my old accordion it has a difficult time finding the correct note sometimes. I also had to add a drift variable in the code, since, apparently the one I have is not in perfect 440hz pitch on the A.

Anyway here is the source code for processing if you want to try it out, or improve on it. notehelper



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