Suddenly Twitter

I’ve avoided twitter for a long time, everything except my old bot I have not used or played with Twitter at all. But then Eduardo wanted me in on the open source twitter action at work so I’ve just recently read up on twitter etiquette and reset my password so I can use it.
I’ve also added an automatic tweet to any time I do a post here.

So I was at BBJam in San Jose last week. I had a good time as always on these occasions. Meeting a lot of colleagues I only mail and BBM with otherwise. And even more developers then usual. All with great insights and questions. I worked a lot during the time so I had almost no time to go to Wallmart and have a look at all the huge packs of what ever they are selling, get a few presents and look at a few of the more expressive americans you can se  there.
I got 3 of the one dollar knifes, and they passed TSA and all other security gates on the way home to Sweden. Awesome. I also tried the rootbeer float, eating at Cheescake factory (where Sheldon eats at Tuesdays, and Penny works). I had a huge slushie and a beef jerkie at seven eleven. And when I got home I slept for 17 hours straight.

Now I’m gonna make floats for the kids to se if they like it.

EDIT – The kids do not like Coca Cola with vanilla ice-cream floats. neither does the wife. or me, not really.


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