Convert an MC player to a amp box (with distortion)

Ok, I made a little text about how to convert a walkman to a
distortionpedal, however the info were to little there for some, so here
it is again, but this time with a twist.

I’ve converted a tape recorder to do the same thing, this can be handy
when circuitbending and/or annoying ppl.

Ok so the theory is pretty darn easy. Sound enters the circuit from a
We substitute the tapehead for an input option of our own.
Distortion occurs when we feed the amplification part of the circuit with
higher volumes then it was designed to handle.

To identify the tapehead press play and look for the part going forward.
Then look for the cables connecting the circuitboard to the tapehead,
here we want to jack in.

Most players dont let the engine draw the tape round if the playbutton
isnt pushed in, this is the tricky part, you need to find how they
connect everything, in the case you se below it was easy, just 2 blue

Anyways, check out the video to se it in action.

Incase you are wondering why you dont se me, its because I'm semi-nekkid.

The blue wires where connected to 2 metal plates that connected when you
pressed play or forward but never else, these I connected to a switch (
se further down)

The red and orange (and one more cable lost in focus) where connected to
the electric engine engine, these I just taped toghether to avoid shorts.

The grey and the red cables that are twined together are the ones that
used to go to the tapehead, instead these go to the guitar jack in the

This is where the blue cables used to be connect.

I connected a switch to them instead.

This is the jack that connects to where the tapehead used to be connected.

Solder the twined pieces together, and tape all loose ends.

Full frontal shot.

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