Mechanical Keyboard nerding

Yeah I nerded out, I got into mechanical keyboards when I first found the NeoSans and the open google font tillium, that looked close enough.
I made a watch with that font-face so I could look at it all day.

Photo on 29-05-15 at 08.13


But I digress, I’m talking about keyboards here, not DIY watch face makery, that is a post for later.


So I found a site called WASD keyboards where you could design your own keyboard, both what color the buttons would have and what could be printed on them. I of course made a design with my favorit font.


However, I got critiqued that it looked to real, to much like a product that you could buy in a store. Although I was pleased, I was also displeased because it was correct. I wanted everyone to know that I made it. Also it was kind of pricy so I skipped it. But not after ordering a set of switches from so I could feel the difference between the different switches.

A month or two later, I needed a new keyboard for my home office, the new screen I had bought and the laptop side by side did not work well together. So I decided to get a bit cheaper keyboard, and I finally ended up getting a Das Keyboard model S. Brown switches. It was a bit noisy but not as loud as I thought it would be. And it was great using a keyboard without any text in the buttons. Then after another month or so I started to get a nagging feeling in my back. Probably because the keyboard had the numeric part, and ergonomically that was not top notch. And also my friend Simon started talking about mechanical keyboards again and he wanted to design his own. After trying my keyboard for an evening he could not go back to the regular keyboard he was using. By this time I really needed wanted a tenkeyless (without the numeric part) keyboard with brown switches, sound dampeners and my own design.

In the video below you will find my final creation, it is a weirded version of the repeating Polynesian lapita pattern.

Yes, it is possible to hire me to do graphical work!



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