“Boutique” or “Circuitbent” instruments on i-Phone/Pad

So I have made a little drone/noise app for my own amusement, and it turned out very good. Now I’m thinking of letting it out into the wild on the appstore.

Two things I’m uncertain about thou.

Should it have a .99 or 99 dollar price-tag? If it was circuitbent or made from scratch it would take me the same amount of time (except for the oscillator in this thing, I hardly think it’s makable analogwise) putting it together. I could make the next one a little faster, but not by the factor it takes to let someone download it of the app store. Another factor for the price is the availability, is there a market great enough for a .99 noise-drone app? Will it increase the value for the buyer if s/he pay’s more? What’s your take on this?

Second thing I’m thinking about is the look, right now it uses standard widgets and no special graphics at all. Where it boutique or circuit-bent it would have a distinct look of it being either hand-made or hand-altered. So should one try and make something more nifty?

This is how it looks today, soon there will be audio examples as well!

14 thoughts on ““Boutique” or “Circuitbent” instruments on i-Phone/Pad

  1. Fantastic idea! I love the boutique noise apps like TweakyBeat, Otosketch, sfxr, Mendelsynth, etc. There’s too little space here for me to describe all I’d like to see, but using FM is certainly a must. Random settings button also. Cryptic interface would be fun, but as an option to the stark controls shown here. $.99 is fair. -Dave

  2. As an avid collector and builder of all things drone related, I would definitely snag it in a heartbeat for .99 cents. If you posted a demo video of its basic functions/sounds I would more likely pay more depending on the level of “holy crap i need that sound in my setup” which could lead me to spend up to $20 or so. I spent a pretty penny on iTanpura and have never had any regrets. Please add me to the mailing list so I won’t miss its release!

  3. It is the usual, sell a few for 99$ or thousands for 0.99$.

    Or do both, but call the expensive one for “rich edition” and give it a different background. 😉

  4. …how about working out a way for users to develop their own skins, giving them the ability to tweak the UI but retain all your hard work on the functioning parts…a little like I guess Touch OSC allows you to set up templates?

    Just a thought.

  5. .99 max imvho. Your really comparing apples and oranges. To compare it to selling a hardware instrument you would have to be developing and selling the hardware also (the iPhone in this case). Apple already did that for you.

    I will definently buy it for a buck (maybe 2). If you made it for yourself then who cares about the money anyway, it’s just a bonus. If you dev’ed it for the sake of selling it that a different story. Thanks for sharing (the app and your thoughts).

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  7. Just Got Sprak! Its awesome and the industrial steampunk interface is amazing. Thanks for keeping me inspired lately! Dont spend all 99cents in one place!

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