Me and Petter started a band a while ago, or rather Petter started it while drunk and told me via SMS. Fair enough, I like starting bands. This time however it actually amounted to something. Part of the band-starting thing was to play before Golden Rocket Pony. That did not happen, thankfully, since they play food-punk and we play noise. And the venue they where playing where so much more food-punk then noise.

I played one of the first songs for Tova, she’s 7, and I asked her what she though we should name ourselves, she listened a little bit more to the music and told me that “Gris fis” was a good name. So I told Petter, he agreed and translated it, since we’re aming for world domination. or whatever.

I’m embedding songs here, Petter has uploaded them to youtube

It’s fun to make art-music, non-tonal, non-structural music.

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