The Android market-schmarket

This is going to be a rant about stuff that I don’t like with the Android market.  Dont read it if you are a fan boy.

I have a google g1 phone from htc. I have had it now for a year or so. At first it was ok, then the small annoyances became really really annoying. Then the OS was updated to cupcace. That made the usagbility a lot better. Then more annoyances with small things. Like the market.

Why is the market so ugly? even the newest version is ugly.
Why wont I find the same programs on my G1 as my colleague with a HTC Hero when we do the same search. We stood next to each other. Did the search at the same time. In the same country, with the same courier.
Why is the search so god damn lame? I thought Google was a search engine company. Example: If I want to install jjComics. I will not find it if I search for “comic,” but if i search for “comics” I will find it. Thats stupid.
For every Android application you find, there are ten iPhone versions of that program, and 6 of them are better or have functionality that is crucial for the usability of the genre of program.
I live in Sweden, and the market have still not the option of buying software here. Why not? it’s been long enough. And there is no information available on when it’s going open here either.
As for developing for the Android. I made a blog once on my endevours when creating a simple program on both iPhone, J2ME and iPhone.  Developing is ok but not awesome.  But even if I cant buy stuff from the market I thought that I could at least sell stuff. but NO, you have to have a valid US address. Why, doesn’t Google want me to make programs for their phone OS?

And the fanboys? seriously, why are you so apeshit about android? it’s flawed and immature. Instead of repeating the mantra “it’s going to be awesome soon” at any critique try and help making it better.

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