20 SEK camera mount

I’ve been really awe’d by the GoPro Camera videos you can find out on the internet. That and the contraptions ppl use to put cameras on their guitars for music videos. So when I found these two items:

Both 10 SEK each, amounting to a total of … 20 SEK.

After removing the legs and adding a new screw and bold (I had this before so I wont add it to the spreadsheet) it looks something like this:

Not bad for 3 minutes of work, not bad at all. There even was a hole ready so I did not have to drill one.

So where to put it?

On a a longboard ofcourse, I’m a bit focused on those right now. This here is Lukas’s longboard so we went out and tried it out for a bit. the camera was to heavy and the mount to flimsy. No software could unshake that shakyness, so I mounted it directly on a board, like this:

The resulting video was still to shaky to be useful, but if I use it with the original grip and put it on a keytar, this is the sort of awesomeness that follows:

Sorry about the repetition of information, but you know you guy’s that read here get to know LOADS more!

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