Experimental music from very short C programs

A few weeks ago I ran onto this thread on poet:
http://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=8357&page=1&x=25&y=6 witch had links to the following youtube videos



That shows what these extremely small programs can accomplish. Then little scale got a hold of it and made some pretty awesome Arduino examples.

of course Viznut wrote a great article about it all:

You can experiment online at http://wurstcaptures.untergrund.net/music/ or http://entropedia.co.uk/generative_music/

or use this little program to write the data out

int t;
putchar( t * ((t>>12|t>>16)&127&t>>8));

That little song was written by burri and sounds like this:
Tjollebolle2 by burri123

I have it as a ring-signal for my phone.

here are a few I’ve been fiddling around with:







I usually let them generate to be ten minutes or so and listen to them in headphones.


I’ve also ported somewhat like that to an ATtiny13 and ATTiny85, the later running an Arduino core. I will use that for the throw synth’s in trees project. Wich needs a better name.

And I’ve also made an iPhone program using this technique, let’s see if that will ever be something that I can release.


3 thoughts on “Experimental music from very short C programs

  1. hell yeah on the iphone thing. If you are worried about the apple rules, don’t, there are plenty of examples of glsl interpreters on the phone.

    How did you manage to make a c interpreter though?

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